ProdinOleo Maximo

The right balance that gives greater protection to gout. Maximizes cuticular penetration. Provides excellent wetting ability.
Allows droplets to reach the target avoiding evaporation.



It is anti-evaporative, it protects the drops that come out of the spray equipment until they reach the target target (ground, sheet). Minor drift.
More uniform distribution due to better wetting given by organosilicon adjuvants.
Greater number of drops / cm2.
Better absorption of the phytosanitary, improving cuticular penetration.
Stability in pesticide mixtures, much more stable emulsions due to the combination of different adjuvants.
Less loss due to hydrolysis of phytosanitary products.
Dramatically reduces foaming in tank.

200 to 500 cc / ha.

Box containing 2 drums of 5 liters each