Prodinoc AZ

Prodinoc AZ+ is Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) formulated upon Azospirillum brasilense (AZ-39 strain – INTA) in a sterile aqueous environment. It produces phytohormones that induce plants to modify the structure of their roots, increasing its tolerance to stress factors and efficiency in the use of soil resources, mainly water and nutrients. Besides, it favors interaction with other microorganisms and provides nitrogen to the production system through non-symbiotic fixation.
It contains not less than 1×109 UFC per ml until production date and not less than 1×108 UFC per ml until expiry date (six months).



At the date of elaboration 5 x 109 bacteria / cm3.
At the expiration date 5 x 108 bacteria / cm3.

1 box with four bladder containers

Sunflower – Maize 500cc / 50kg
Sorghum – Wheat – Oat – Barley 250cc / 50kg
Soybean 100cc / 50kg

•Improves initial growth and crop implantation
•Promotes the production of root and air biomass.
•Favors water and nutrients capturing.
•Increases grain formation and crop production.
•Increases tolerance to hydric and/or soil stress.
•Improves efficiency in the use of fertilizers, reducing the need to use them.