Concentrated non-ionic agent to be added to herbicides, insecticides and fungicides.



ProdinPlus is a concentrated non-ionic moisturizing adjuvant agent to be added to herbicides, insecticides and fungicides for agricultural use.
Its formula with new generation polymers allow an optimum adherence of all the drops on the foliar surface, which improves retention and residuality of pesticides on the surface of leaves and stems avoiding all types of loss due to run-off.

It strongly reduces the surface tension of drops of the application mixture producing an increase of the contact surface ( a greater wetting uniformity).
It ensures a quick absorption, penetration and translocation of pesticides in plants as it removes waxy foliar surfaces, maximizing the action of products to spray.

Between 50cm3 and 100cm3 every 100 lts. of water.

1 litre
Box containing fifteen 1lt- barrels.
5 litre
Box containing four 5lt- barrels.