Our Company


Prodinsa Argentina S.A. is a company that produces new generation agricultural supplies, deeply committed to the development, production and marketing of a wide range of agrochemicals, including inoculants, seed treatment products, foliar fungicides, herbicides and agricultural adjuvants, among others.
Since 1999, Prodinsa Argentina S.A. has been providing the Argentinean and neighboring countries markets with its diverse formulae thanks to professional and sustained team work, which has positioned our company as leader in the market of soy bean inoculants.
From its very beginnings, our company has been permanently searching for improvement in the quality of its products and services. In this sense, managers and the technical professional team have implemented a Total Quality and Continuous Improvement System, which earned them ISO 9001 Certification in April 2007.

ISO 9001 Certification refers to “Design, development, formulation, production and marketing of agrochemicals such as inoculants, bio fertilizers, seed treatments products, fungicides, adjuvants, insecticides and herbicides.” Prodinsa Argentina S.A. establishes Quality Policies for its development, production and marketing processes of agrochemicals.

Prodinsa Argentina S.A. establishes its quality policy for its processes of development, production and marketing of phytosanitary.
Aiming at excellent quality standards and at the expansion of agricultural frontiers, Prodinsa S.A. acknowledges the following as key elements to achieve the company’s goals:

  • To promote an excellent organizational atmosphere, observing ethics and behaviour in business and in interpersonal relations.
  • To stimulate peer formation to achieve continuous growth of the intellectual capital of the organization.
  • To meet customers’ needs as regards product quality as well as fulfillment of legal requisites and related services.
  • To develop innovative strategies in marketing and in product development.
  • To adopt the habit of continuous improvement in all areas.


The Management, October 2019.

We produce and market agricultural supplies of excellent quality and price, thus ensuring our dealers and producers the best treatment and performance of their farms.

Prodinsa Argentina S.A. holds promising prospects for the future and intends to spread its range of products worldwide, keeping its leading position in the market of agrochemicals, incorporating new developments requested by agricultural businessmen.

Prodinsa Argentina S.A. aims at optimizing performance, develop individual potential and keep motivation of all the staff. We are focused on a process of continuous training in which permanent learning is a key point for the professional development of all employees.
We also rely on a highly-trained Human Resources Department, formed by a team of Agricultural Engineers and Chemists in charge of areas of research, development and marketing.

The team at Prodinsa Argentina S.A. is ready to meet every producers’ and dealers’ needs, always observing good business ethics.